Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Back

Salam. Ok. Now I'm back in UTP. Are you happy? Happy? Urgh.

Tomorrow is my first class of the semester. Yeah. I know. I've been extending my holidays for a week. But hey! I got a friend who extending his holidays for 2 weeks. That's cool. Haha. But I'm not brave enough to extend my holidays to such extends. I'm so busy this semester you know. 3 lab sessions now compared to 2 lab sessions last semester.

What am I gonna do today? I don't know. I already downloaded the lecture notes from the new e-learning but I'm not going to open it yet. Feel lazy. Still in the holiday's mood. Maybe I start with the time table first. Even my time table I'm not even looked at it. Lazy me.

I think I want to play futsal this evening. Maybe. If there are people playing today. I should ask them.

That's all. I know, my English sucks like a 12 years old kid. Need to improve more. That's why I talk in English in this entry. Bye all. Wish me luck this semester.

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