Friday, September 3, 2010

Less Than 24

Less than 24. Less than 24 hours left for me to go to Kuching, my sweet hometown. Now, the time is 1.07 am. Still not feeling sleepy a bit. I dont know. I felt so tired back in the evening because I wasn't took my nap. I just filled my free time just to watch movie.

I told you, Grown Ups was 1 historical epic-funny movie. I reckon you to watch the movie. Haha. Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and David Spade really done their funny parts in that movie. I ended up laughing like a donkey in my room during me watched the movie.

Maybe after this, me and my buddy will have our last sahur at UTP by having Al Quds Nasi Lemak at v5 cafe. The nasi lemak is so damn good. They have lots of choices of sambal like sambal udang, kerang, paru, daging, sotong (my favourite!) and they also served kari as well. You might feel some kind of weird by having nasi lemak with kari but it really taste good. The price? Quite cheap depending what you are eating. Eat more, pay more. That's the way life it is. It is true right?

What else I want to write here? Oh. Forgot to mention. Our Biggest Loser programme : Ramadhan Edition already ended today. The winner is Afiq. He won the great price from me and Hazman (we are the only participants) of us treating him the berbuka puasa food. Haha. Good for him tho. He ended up losing 5.5 kg of his weight just for 23 days of puasa. Me got the 2nd place and Hazman got the third. Hazman cannot lose his weight anymore because he already got the toughness in him. His fat has become muscle and he already workout for his 6-packs tummy. Haha.

Got my Statics test back. My mark not so good. Need to work out more during this holiday. Maybe. Congratz to Hazman and Haziq. They got highest marks among us 4. Next, Differential Equation and Introduction to Material Science paper. Maybe after hari raya holidays perhaps? Hope I can score on those 2 papers. Hmmm.

Enough of the sad part. Now the best part is I'm going home tomorrow. Even my arrival is on 12.00 am next morning, I dont care. I want to get out from Tronoh. Tronoh is so boring. I have to stay here for another 4 years you know? 3 and 1/2 years actually minus 1/2 months because of internship, if I survive this course. My dad coming to fetch me at the airport. Yeyy! Cant wait for tomorrow. Home sweet home. I miss my room, my house, my family, my momo and my Jaguar. I miss them so much! For real.

I hope all of them are waiting for me tomorrow. Of course not at the airport but maybe during sahur I will meet all of them. To momo, be nice tomorrow. I want to hug ur furry black and white body tomorrow! Haha. That's all!

p/s - I miss handling my camera. I want fully use of it starting tomorrow. Maybe some street shots at the KL Sentral?

"There's no other place like home."

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