Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dragon Raya 2010

Hello! It is a good day for me because I'm safely arrived at Kuching at 0015 am yesterday with my buddy, Hazman. First of all I wanna thank my parents for fetched me up yesterday night at the airport. Haha. I know both of you were sleepy last night. Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed sahur and berbuka puasa at home with my family you know. The food were great. There were not so much food actually but the enjoyment was different. Eating at Pak Ali and eating at home is totally different at all! Like wise man said, "Bagai langit dengan bumi" and "Jauh panggang dari api". Haha.

Refer to my title up there, Dragon Raya 2010. Funny name right. I'm totally sucks at giving a programme name. Actually it is a celebration of hari raya with my Dragon. This is the first hari raya celebration of him. So, I wanna give him a warm welcome of hari raya to him. With his not-so-sharp eyes, I will capture all the moments of us starting 3rd September 2010 until 19th September 2010 *actually it is my holidays*.

So, here I want to share with you the my moments with him during my travel from UTP to KLIA.

Dragon Raya 2010 - Day 1
3rd September 2010

Some of the picture were taken in the bus during our travel to KL, some in the KLIA Express and some at the airport. More pictures coming. Wait. :)

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