Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi and Hello people! What's up! I'm good here if you want to know. It is the 4th day this week I never done anything fun. It is not that I don't have a life but I choose to stay at home even though I want to get out of my house and do something more valuable than sitting on the chair and staring at this laptop without doing anything and just post the status at my Twitter and my Facebook telling people that I'm bored. *duhh*

Oh yeah. Last Sunday, I went to an Autoshow at Komplek Dewan Undangan Negeri with my buddy, Jamuri. We went there just because my buddy here want to see his bike on the show. He got really nice bike you know. So, I brought my Dragon just to snap pictures. *I'm bored actually*

After I snapped couple of pictures, I realized that my battery was out of energy I think because what was shown on the screen is "battery exhausted". Hmm. But I managed to get 1 or 2 nice pictures to share with you guys. Here are the pictures I snapped on the day.

Activity : Autoshow Kompleks 2010
Venue : Dewan Undangan Negeri, Kuching

Just look at Mr. Patrick over there, look so happy under the sun. Haha. I wonder is this my blog that I used to post everything about my life in words or just a photoblog that do the talking for me. Think about it people. Which one do you prefer? Haha. Tell me if you got any free time. That's all for me. Tata!


Mohd Ridhwan bin Abdul Rahim said...

perghh, raget mena moto kt cya.
p/s:prefer both. ^^

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahaha. aok. nma moto miak ctok eh, ng terer polah macam2. :D

Anonymous said...

use tumblr la as ur photoblog.. lak dapat la org reblog gambar wif respect to your name, n recommend blog kau worldwide..

Ahmad Zakwan said...

nasih - aku da pk jwak. bngga ckit nk? lak laa aku polah tumblr. mcm best jak ngkh gmba2. hehe. :)

vanillavengeance said...

wan, ne satu moto jamuri??

Ahmad Zakwan said...

nk wrna itam ya. nk kdk tzm ya. :D