Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yawww! Hello again! In this post here, I want to share about food. Do you know seafood? When you talk about seafood in Kuching, where is the place that comes to your mind right away? Yeahh. You are right! We were going to Topspot Seafood, Taman Kereta, Kuching last Monday. This event was originally organized by my buddy, Jamuri. He suddenly send me and my other friends an SMS to invite us to the place. So, we just Yawwwwwwwwww! to confirm our invitation. Nothing to say much, me as the photographer in action have all the pictures.

Activity : Makan-Makan di Topspot
Venue : Topspot, Taman Kereta, Kuching

The menu of the day is Ikan Siakap Bakar, Obor-Obor, Butter Crabs and Prawns, Pucuk Paku belacan. Yawwww!! :D

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