Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup

Hello. So, the FIFA World Cup 2010 has ended this morning by Spain winning the title as the world champion this year. Congrats. Eventhough I am a die-hard fan of Netherlands, I can't say much about the game. Netherlands played very well. I mean REALLY well you know. Arjen Robben, I'm so sorry for you. You had tried hard enough for this game. I hope I can see you again in another game later. It's the third time the Oranje reached the final but they didn't won a single cup. But, you guys are great team! I always supporting you guys in the other game later. I'll never turn back on you. You are my only Oranje! Yeahh!

p/s - Paul the Octopus, I gonna kill you. Seriously. Haha. :)


vanillavengeance said...

nice game wan :)

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahha. ya laa tek. berbalas2 attack. :)