Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Theme Park!

Hello bloggie! How are you? Hehe. As I promised you, I want to share my story having a 1 week holidays at KL before I went back home. But not everything I will share with you, it is just the best part of our visit only OK?

Program : Visiting a Theme Park
Venue : Genting Highland Theme Park

(editted by Eyka herself)

This picture was taken on the Cable Car using the Genting Skyway. Wow. It really high when the land from the cable car. Kinda scary you know because I little bit afraid of height. Haha. But I'm feel great up there. First time in my life I saw a goddamn big hotel but without a single air conditioner. It was freakin cold! Wow. We feel like we were in London or somewhere else which was colder than Malaysia. Hehe. We played a lot of games up there. But the best game was Spaceshot. Seriously. It takes your breath away and you will feel your heart is not with you anymore. Haha. You can google about it later. But It is fun. Really fun. I had a really best time with you Eyka. Hope we go again together later OK? Love you dear. :)

That's all I want to share with you. I want to put more picture here but Eyka have the most pictures with her. Huhu. Later bloggie, :)

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