Monday, May 31, 2010

STE 17-21 May 2010

Hello world! Haha. How are you my dear blog? Happy to see me again? You are happy? I'm so glad you are happy to see me again because during this holiday, you gonna be my best-est buddy. I gonna share with you all the things I've been through this holidays alright? This is my first entry for what I done for the past 2 weeks.

Program : Soaring The Eagle
Date : 17-21 may 2010
Venue : Casa Rachado, Port Dickson.

This is the picture of my group. We were the Samba 8 group or so-called S8 group. Haha. I had so much fun during this program. The foods were delicious. I mean very very very delicious!! But this program had nothing to do with the food actually. It was a program that help us as PETRONAS scholar to build up our character and self confident when dealing with anything in our life. Our facilitators, Mr Yunus and Puan Mariana were really great you know. They really help us in a lot of things. They became our parents during this program. We share our experiences, opinions and so on. This program was great. I met a lot of people there and we became like a family of Samba 8! Go Samba 8! :)

Those pictures were taken by me during our last day of program. The beach was not so clean but it was OK to hang around there. :)

OK. That's all I want to say here. Wait for my next post about my trip to a theme park with Eyka. Bye bloggie! :)

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vanillavengeance said...

waann..haha..kacak gmba ya..aku copy bole nak heheh