Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swimming and Singing. Ain't those words rhyme together?

Hello and good day to everyone here. Today got no activity because everybody wants to have a rest at home. So, I want to share some of pictures I took during my recent activity.

1st Activity : Swimming with Geng Sungei
Venue : Matang Family Park

Same story. We had a really fun time there. Really tired but we are all satisfied! It's all about the nature you know. Haha.

2nd Activity : Karaoke
Venue : KBox, The Spring

Haha. We really have fun back there. Sing a lot of song. Malay, English, Oldies. Wow. We almost lost our voice you know. Ahaha. That's all from me then. Nothing much to say here. Tata.

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