Thursday, March 11, 2010

End of First Half of Semester 3

Hello. Haha. What to say here. In this post I want say that tomorrow is the last day of the first half of Semester 3. Good. I had enough of study and getting my brain to explode. So, tonight I just want to enjoy my real life in my room. My friends here are going to play badminton. It's not my kind of game. Even though I love to play sport, but some sports are not meant for me. I cant play something which need me to use my hand like badminton, tennis, table tennis etc. My legs are also in pain for yesterday Futsal night with Nasih, Zahid and few other friends. Last night is heaven. There's no too many people want to join us but it is enough for 2 teams to play. But sadly my legs are on pain. Maybe I was not warming up before the game. Enough of that. Huhu. Mid-semester break is on. So, my friend and I are going to Penang for 2 days 1 night only. No money laa to stay for 3 days 2 nights at Penang. What are we gonna do there? We also don't know yet but for sure we gonna have fun there. InsyaAllah. For this holiday I want spend my days in my room on9 and watching some movies. I will anything except for study. Holiday is holiday. no more study for 1 week. Haha. I'm so sorry my dear lecturers. I won't read the textbook to study. Haha. That's all I think. I have nothing to say much here. Got a lot of thing to do. Bye.

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