Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Waking The Fallen

I just finished test 2 for Thinking Skills and Fundamental of Programming 1 today. Pheww~! It's a pain in my ass sitting for 2 test in 1 day. Really tired because I need to study day and night before the test. So, it's a bad week for me. Pain in mental and also in the heart. Hmm. Just let it be. I want to enjoy my life and take my final exam and go home so that I can live my simple life at home. Tonight I just want to relax a bit, take deep night breath and go to sleep after finish surfing the net and mingle around in my room. For now, I just noticed the timetable for the exam had been out today on the UTP website. It is from 11- 14 January 2010. Wahhh~! So I can go back to Kuching on 14 December at night. It is worth a day at Kuching even it is tiring travelling from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur if I can get at Kuching early. Haha. So maybe next week I go to Ipoh to book my flight ticket and also my KTM or bus ticket to go to KLIA. Hoho. So, that's all for this post. See you later. Tata.

"Here I come KCH!"


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