Monday, December 28, 2009

Stars and Stripes

I want to post a blog but I have no idea what I want to post right now. I think it just a random post. Hoho.
  1. A lot of people are sick right now. Haziq, Zahid, Afiq, Nasih are sick since yesterday I think. So, I better be aware now so that I'll never get sick. This is because the test 2 is just around the corner and I need to study.
  2. I am addicted to Plants vs Zombies right now. Haha. Everybody are addicted to other great video games but me, just a plain but INCREDIBLE, AWESOME and KICK-ASS video game. How cool is that? :D
  3. Final exam is coming up. Just 2 weeks studying and *tadaaa* FINAL EXAM! Damn.
  4. Kuching! Here I come! But after the finals of course. *sobs2*
  5. Study study study. Boring.
  6. My plane ticket. When am I going to book them? Waaa.
  7. That's all. I want to do checklist number 5. Haha.
Bye-bye. :)


arinaa :) said...

zakwan! kedong ktk sorg jak x demam, jaga azik kei kmk. make sure nya makann. hoho thanks :P

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahaha.ok! mek jga nya bait2 lok. huhu. :)

eQa said...

1. yah..kenak musim sakit tok? yer.ktk tek xsakit.

2. lejuk mek main ya wan =.='

3. all the best lah k final ahh :)

4. gago nak bepolah parti birthday bulan 1 rami2. n kmk dgr tek bpolah rh four points indaaaahhh!!! yarabbi ktk org

5. study gikk!

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahaha. ne tauk nya. ng musim sakit laa ya. op kos laa plh tmpat mhl2. standard lah. haha. :D