Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just Barely Breathing

Thursday night always be like this all the time. Don't know what to do, on9 with laptop, just playing around. Hoho. Supposed to study tonight but maybe after this I will study. 14 days. 14 days more I will be going home. Kuching. My favorite place on earth or maybe on universe. Haha. Nothing's better than Kuching. So, it's true that the advertisement I always saw on a billboard in Kuching City,

"Sarawak, a place like no other"
*seriously. this is so true.*

Haha. I miss my hometown so much. This town means a lot to me. Kuching teaches me about everything. Haha. get ready Kuching. Here I come. Haha.
What else I want to write here? Hmm. Tomorrow gonna be a new life for me because tomorrow is the first day of 2010. Woohoo. Where should I celebrate my new year? Of course in my room. My room now doesn't look like a room. My table doesn't look like a table anymore. Now, I just have enough place to pray and to sleep. Haha. Do you know what is this means?

Final Exam is coming up!

Huhu. Here are the pictures of my room in semester 1 during final exam. Hehe.

Nasih's Table. Look nice isn't it?

This is my table. Wahh.

This is so called "Rak Buku".

Our table. Haha.
*in the pictures : Nasih and Haziq*

So, that are the pictures of semester 1's final exam week. Then, I want to place the picture of semester 2's pictures of my room. :)

Hello. This is our "rak buku". Now it becomes "rak makanan" also.

Our tables. Look mess a "bit" only. Nasih is so "hardworking" studying "programming".
*Nak sih? :D*

Me also studying "programming". Uhuk2. :D

As a conclusion *ceee. cam english essay jak*, our room never look so good when final exam week is coming up. This shows that we are studying till death comes to us. Haha. So, good luck to all my friends in UTP for the finals. Study hard my friends. Hehe. That's all. Tata.

Happy New Year!



atiQa said...

yaawww kacak rupa meja ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha~ yer~ saya sedang 'belajar programming'.. kununnya lah tek.. haha..

well, kita orang rajin wan.. 'kekemasan bilik' ya bukti bah.. haha

Ahmad Zakwan said...

tqa- ng meja mekorg kcak pun. utp suppy meja kacak k org mk final bh. huhu.

nasih-rajin gla kta tok. ng up laa. org main kta bja programming. programming ng pa? twitter nk sih? haha. ko lain laa. "2010" ya azam bru bh. mst mnghadap nk "2010" jwak.