Saturday, January 2, 2010

City of Delusion

Kuching. I need you. But I need to study first then I can get to Kuching. Hmm. Yesterday, I was going to Ipoh. As I was in Ipoh, I wanted to find the Malaysia Airlines office but I can't found it. So I decided to call the hotline. The person on the hotline told me a "very very very" good news I really "love" to hear. Read the conversation below.

Hotline : Hello, Malaysia Airlines Hotline. Saya Miss *tuttttt*. Boleh saya bantu encik?
Me : Hello. Saya nak tanya. Malaysia Airlines Office kat Ipoh mana nak cari?
Hotline : Oh. Office MAS kat Ipoh dah tutup encik.
Me : Tutup ke or pindah tempat lain?
Hotline : Dah tutup dah.
Me : *shocked a bit but maintain cool. hehe. :)* Oh. Kat airport Perak takde MAS
office jugak ke?
Hotline : Airport pun takde gak encik. Kat airport dh tak beroperasi lagi.
Me : *shocked. but this time really shocked.* Ye ke? Kalau saya nak booking tiket
flight kat mana leh buat yang paling dekat?
Hotline : Kalau encik nak booking tiket kat MAS office yang paling dekat kat airport
Penang atau airport Alor Setar. Kat situ ada MAS office.
Me : Oh. Kalau macam tu takpe laa. Terima kasih.

Airport Penang or Airport Alor Setar? What the fuck was she thinking about?! I think she better told me that I go and booked my ticket at Kuching Airport. Damn. Why they are closing the MAS office in Ipoh? No one using the airlines here? So, what for they are building the airport here. Just a waste of money. I think they better learn Thinking Skills so that they can think more accurate. Hmm. Enough of that disaster story. I want to study after this. Huhu. Bye2.

p/s 1 - I already called my papa and he will buy the tickets 4 me at Kuching. Gik
p/s 2 - Happy finals! :)

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