Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Nothing much to say here.
I'm kinda bored tonight and feel very tired after driving home from Ipoh to UTP just to watch 2012 at TGV, Kinta City Jusco.
Haha. Very nice movie and it's so cold inside the cinema.
The movie was so long I think. 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Waaa. I can't stand the cold inside.
The movie is about what people will do when the end of the world will happen.
I know we can't stop the end of the world but you know, it is just a movie.
For me, we better be ready for the end of the world. It's a sign for human being to be ready at any time. Huhu.
I don't want to say much here because I'm so tired I need to go to sleep right now.
So, goodnight everyone.

P/S : Today is my day 1 celebrating my mid-semester break at UTP. Kinda lame right. Maybe tomorrow much more better than today. Adios. :)


Nasuha said...

cibet, aku x berkesempatan. =(

Ahmad Zakwan said...

xpa2...smpat gik.. lmk gik cta ya d pnggung.. huhu

fiqOo said...

yup, that story's too long.

Ahmad Zakwan said...

yup2.. tp it's a good movie.. very interesting movie to be watch.. hahaa