Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bukit Merah! Here we come!

Date : 13th November 2009
Time : 1000-2200
Weather : Sunny and rainy *thunderstorm pdh org ya tek* a bit.. :)
Mood : Enjoyment to the limit!

Yesterday, we had a little trip organized by us to a place we never been before. A trip to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. Haha. This place kinda look like Sunway Lagoon but a bit smaller and it more to nature concept. Me, Haziq, Adam, Afiq, Asroy, Zahid and Hazman joined this enjoying trip!
We went there by using 2 cars; Kancil (keta sewa) and Wira (Zahid's car. Makseh Zahid!). The trip to Bukit Merah took us for about 1 1/2 hours by using the highway. We started our journey at 1000 and we reached ther by 1200 (lmbat sebab carik jalan). Here are the pictures of our trip to Bukit Merah!

They were discussing about the package that we gonna take. After finished discussing, we took the Water Eco Combo package. :)
In this picture : Hazman, Asroy, Afiq, Zahid and Haziq

This was the fare they will charged us. We chose the Water Eco Combo package. It costs us RM39 each person.

This was the direction.

We were walking to the Eco Park first.
In this picture : Zahid, Adam and Asroy

This is me and Hazman

In the Eco Park, there were a lot of wildlife there. The Eco Park was kinda look like Matang Wildlife at Kuching but a bit smaller. There are some pictures of the animals here.

This is peacock. But sadly, the peacock didn't show it's colourfull feather.

This is so call "Ayam Katik" :)

A bear cat. Adam's best friend. Why? :)

Adam looked so happy with his bestfriend. Haha.
*sila lihat tgn bear cat ingin memegang rambut adam*

Me too. :)

Eh. A monkey? Or .... ? :D

Baby dear and its mother.

This is Arapaima fish if I not mistaken. Look how enormous the size of the fish.

I'm not sure what is this. But this thing was sleeping.

This is Abu, the "Memerang"

Abu is playing with his friend

Still standing. :)

"Hello! I'm looking for my friend Afiq. Do you see him?", this thing talked to us asking for his friend. Haha.

"Eh. Dh temu dh. Xpalah. Makseh jak." :D
*sory pok. interfrem nama skit*

Then, we visited the reptile side. There were a lot of reptiles including snakes, turtles and so on. You can see the pics below.



Crocodiles a.k.a Boyak



Me and Asroy.

Asroy and Haziq

This is a real life king cobra. Look big and dangerous.

Adam and the king. Haha. :D

Haziq with his snake face. Haha. :D

It was the time for the pet zone! Yeah! Here are the pictures while we were in the pet zone. Enjoy!

Tok landak nama nya.
*kaka swak ckit. rindu bh x balit kch cuti mid sem*

G-Force 1
*guinea pig a.k.a tikus marmut sbnarnya*

G-Force 2

Tok kambing namanya. Bulu nya dh ilang ckit.

Kurak-kurak tok palak nya panjang ckit. Snake head turtle.

Tok palak kiut ckit. Kcik jak. Malu kali mk ngeluar palak nya. :)

Tok namanya beruang matahari. Ngga "V" rh dada nya.Big fan Manchester United tok. Haha. Go Man Utd!

After finished visiting the pet zone, we watched the animal show. But, there were not much animals being on the show. Still, it was happening show indeed. :)

Parrot show 1

Parrot show 2

Abu was recycling the aluminium can and bottle. Go Abu!

Wahhh. What a day. But the day hadn't end yet! We were going to the main event of our journey, THE WATER PARK!! Yeah! We used the chairlift from the Eco Park and went straight across the water park.

Adam on the chairlift. Haha.

Zahid and Hazman

The water park 1

The water park 2

But sadly, we didn't took the pictures of ours while playing at the water park because we were busy playing. Let me tell you a bit of the water park. The water park consisted of a few games. There were Boomerang, the most enjoying and scariest water game, the tube slide, the body slide and kid water pool. Although there were not too much game here but we were enjoying our day out! :)

Zahid and Adam after enjoying the water park. Look so smart i guess. :)

In this picture (clockwise) : Haziq, Hazman, Zahid, Adam, Me, Asroy and Afiq.

That's all for the story. We were enjoying our day to the limit. We arrived back at UTP at 2200 after driving for about 1 1/2 hours. What a day. Hope we can visit this place again with more friends 1 day. Insyallah. :)

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