Monday, January 3, 2011

Nothing personal but...

Hello! *burp* I'm sorry. Just finished eating with my parents at home. The dinner is very delicious although it was not a heavy dinner but I think I took enough. Today is Monday, 3rd January 2011. Everybody starts going to school today. My friends from Unimas and UiTM already entered their respective college already. Where am I? At home. Wondering what am I gonna do after this.

Where is my friends? I mean UTP friends at Kuching. Where is Afiq? Where is Hazman? What the hell they're doing now? Last holiday I always meet Hazman at the park where he and I always jog every evening. For the past 2 days I never seen him. Hmm. Maybe he going to jog in the morning perhaps.

Afiq? I heard from Aiman he plays tennis a lot now. I know he is a tennis player. Me? Futsal player? I need my friends to play together. How am I supposed to play alone at home? Just shoot the ball anywhere without a teammate, a goalie or even a field. Oh no! I'm doomed here!

Now at home. Look at the laptop all day. Tweeting, processing pictures and upload it to my blog. Oh no! How come I stay at KL so long. I supposed to go back home before attending my sister wedding but my parents wont let me do that. It is a waste of time and money.

Hmm. What will happened tomorrow? I don't know. If go jalan-jalan alone also got no point. I'm not a loser. I have friends but they are not here. So, what to do? Stay at home do nothing. Eh, not nothing. Doing something. *positive thinking*

Here is my sister picture. But dont worry. She's not the newly weds, but my cute, short, small little sister. Haha. Just finished editting her pictures this evening and this is the result. She is Nurhaziqah Norani. Enjoy your day!

p/s - Please mind my writing. I know there are lots of grammatical error. Long time no write. Still need to polish up my skills back.


Mohd Ridhwan bin Abdul Rahim said...

Kacak rule of third ya :D

Ahmad Zakwan said...

haha. makseh2. mun xda org2 blkg ya kcak gik. :)