Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today is very tiring day. 2nd day of semester 3. Not always like this.
starts at 9. After that there is a gap for 2 hours and Calculus again *sigh* at 12 noon. Then, gap again for 1 hour.
Chemistry starts at 2 and Physics starts at 3 and ends at 4 o'clock.
What a day.

What's giving me so much headache is Chemistry.

Haha. I think I need to look back at my lonely book Chemistry by Blackman | Bottle | Schmid | Mocerino | Wille again starting from now. My becoming so dusty and maybe also rusty after a long time since Semester 1. Oh Chemistry. I need you in my head now. Please. I don't want to read the whole book again. Huhu.


Hmmm. Please Miss Calculus. Please don't do like this. After the class today, thank god I'm not throwing away my Pre-Calculus book into the bin. Haha. Mr. Samsul Ariffin's notebooks also with me right now. Now I understand why there are related to my course today. Haha.

by Dr. Mumtaj.

I think she's good. I'll try to listen to your lecture because Physics is important. Electric charge, field, electromagnetism etc. Uncle Phang. I need u. Haha. I'll try to survive here. :)

But the best thing about tomorrow is .......

No Class!!

Yeah! Horray! I can take a rest tomorrow and try to do the calculus thingy. But I need to go to RCSU office to report about the defect of my door knob. Huhu.
So, that's all for today. I'll will update my blog again for the time being. :)