Friday, January 22, 2010

Posting Listing

Today is Friday. Almost entering the day Saturday. It is 11.45 pm. Wow. The time is so fast. I haven't realized that I'm in Kuching already 1 week. Haha. Here I want 2 post about what am I supposed to do starting from tomorrow onwards.
  • Packing up my things. Make sure nothing is left behind in Kuching.
  • Check the time of my flight. Haha. Just 4 precaution.
  • Clean up my room. It been a mess quite a day today. Haha.
  • Wash my bike. Hopefully tomorrow going to be sunny
On Sunday
  • Get on the plane
  • Get a bus to go to Medan Gopeng
  • Wait 4 Afiq and Nasih to pick Hazman and I from Medan Gopeng
  • Go 2 Greentown Mall. Follow Nasih 2 buy his new phone. InsyaAllah. Hehe.
  • Go back to UTP. *damn*
  • This is the part I hate the most. Clean my NEW room and pack my things. *double damn*
  • Hang out with my friends
  • Sleep and ready for class on Monday
But still. I have a life at UTP even though my class start at 9 am and I have class in the evening. Thanks. *clap2*


Anonymous said...

another catastrophe is yet to come.. lab registration.. wee~~

Ahmad Zakwan said...

yay! cm sial. haha.