Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Hello! Today is hot and the temperature is quite high at Tronoh, Perak.
Me as usual don't know what to do this afternoon. Still got plenty of work to do but still don't want to do it.
Just a few minutes ago i opened my blog and i think i want to post something here. I just remember that last 3 weeks I went to KL with my friends. They were Emir, Haziq, Acat and Zahid.
We stayed at my aunt house except for Zahid, he went and visit his father. The journey began on Friday.
We went to Batu Gajah KTM Station. Thanks To Adam for sending us to the railway station.
Here are some pictures regarding to our journey.

This is our platform. Platform 1.

This is my first picture. Thanks to Haziq.

This is Zahid with his excited mode going to KL. Haha.

From Right : Emir, Zahid and Acat

Then, after we arrived at KL. On the next day, we decided to go to KLCC to escort Zahid to meet his father and after that we want to go to Low Yatt Plaza and Time Square. Here are the pictures. :)

This is our first stop. Setiawangsa LRT Station.

This is Acat. With his Whooper Burger!

The smallest Whooper Burger! *Nang leh jadi model Big Burger kafe Paprika tok.*

Emir and Zahid. :)

After escorting Zahid to meet his father, we take a look around the KLCC building and its surrounding.

KLCC Twin Tower. This is the office of our sponsor. Thank you PETRONAS! :)

Luckily, there was an exhibition of Valentino Rossi's motocycle at KLCC. So, we take a look for a while.

This was one the motorcycle. Yamaha 150FZi. *Kedak motor Jam.*

Wahhhh. The real superbike.

Then, we met my schoolmates at KL Sentral. They were Peak, Amal, Abg, Macxwell, Fadh and Khai.
We went to Bukit Bintang area together by using KL Monorail.

This is Amal. She is now studying at INTEC, Shah Alam.

This is Pe ak. He is now studying at PASUM, Kuala Lumpur. My best buddy since Form 1.

There were a lot of cool stuff we found at Time Square such as:


Glasses. :)

Teddies! :D

Amal was searching for a nerdy spectacles.

There was the spectacles. Cool isn't it? :)

Oh. Before I forgot, the day we went shopping at KL was Deepavali. So we found this at KL Sentral.

After finished shopping for our stuff, we decided to go back home.
From left : Macxwell, Me, Peak, Amal, Abg and Fadh.
Amal and Fadh

From left : Khai, Macxwell, Me, Peak, Amal, Fadh and Abg.

From left : Fadh, Amal, Abg, Me, Peak, Macxwell, Khai and Emir.
*I don't know where was Acat at this time. But thanks again to Haziq for being such an artistic photographer.*

This is Haziq, the photographer. :)

This is the stuff that i bought during the shopping day.

That's all from me. Thank you to everyone especially my friends for accompanied us for our shopping day. I want to go Taman Maju now. See you later! :)



Ahmad Zakwan said...

aik? xpat komen kaa?

Nasuha said...

testing. =p

Ahmad Zakwan said...

bah~ dpt bh komen ctok.. huhu. :)

NuRaZz... said...

wpun terlambat..p ttp jwak mok post...

aie....azah xda....~ huhu...
disbbkan beberapa masalah teknikal yg tdk dpt delakkan....:(