Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday My Friends

Today : Wednesday
Time : 1630
Date : 4th November 2009
Weather : Rainy
Mood : STRESS!!!


I'm so tired finishing my lab assessment in my room today. I need to send the work tomorrow at 2 p.m during my lab 2 session. Thanks to my roommate for lent me his lab assessment my a guide to me.

So, today I'm still don't know what to post here as usual. Haha!
It's raining outside there so i don't whether i should play today or not. I don't have a car to go to the sport complex. My friends already go to play badminton leaving me alone in my room. Isk2. :D
*Ceeeee~~~ Eksen alu bunyi.. Xda bh. Joking*

Actually I want to do my assessment so they went to play without me. Huhu.
BTW, Happy Birthday to my friend from Bintulu and from Miri because today is their 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday to Acat and Faize!

This is Faize.

This is Acat.

*Hadiah xda. Sory laa.. Xda duit gik. :)*

Hahaha. Rain is going to stop now i think. So I better go play build up some muscle for today! Haha. Tata!

Mode now : Ilang Stress.


alli affandi said...

aieh. laki tok! haha smaa group aku ldk time edu camp dolok. hahahahah

Ahmad Zakwan said...

nk ne? acat kaa? hehehe. :D