Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Result

I already get my first semester result today. Not so good i think.

I only got 3.37 for my last semester GPA!!


And the result is as follow:
*Ekot buku teks sikit*

I got an A for my Pre-Calculus.

*Thank You Mr. Samsul Ariffin. You are th
e best!*

I got a B+ for my English
*Need more practice in English Language. But thanks to Mr. Razol Mahari.*
For my Chemistry, I got a B. Oh, No!
*Gne mk polah. Chemistry ng susah pun.But it is too bad for a no-so-genius person like me. Thank you Dr. Bambang!*

Last but not least, my Physics. *jeng jeng jeng!*
*Aaaaaa~ no comment. Hahaha. Anyway, thank you Dr. Noorhana!*

So, as a conclusion. *ekot essay english lok*

Study hard 4 the next semester. This is just the beginning!

That's all! :)


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eQa said...

oit! wan dh da blog dah!.
welcome2!!! :)