Friday, December 31, 2010

My Sister Wedding - Post 1

Salam and Hi! Here I just want to share some pictures of my sister, Nuradzrina Norani during her wedding at Petaling Jaya, Selangoron 24th December 2010. More pictures coming up because this is the first post of the wedding.

Both pictures up there is the make-up session before the wedding and my sister hire a videographer to tape her wedding moment. I already saw the video and it is so nice. Thumbs up to Mojoreel!

3 pictures up there taken during the akad nikah session at Masjid Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

And they are the Pengantin Baru, Arif and Nina! Hope they will live happily ever after!
That's all the picture I have. Please wait for the next photo post from me!

"I take photos just for fun!"


eyka said...

waaa..nina kckkk eh..pal makeup gurin? huhuh

Ahmad Zakwan said...

suma org tnyk phl nya makeup gurin. ahhaa. :D

Anonymous said...

mok juak kmk make up gurin juak lak. :D -dot-

eyka said...

sbb xpnh ngga urg makeup gurin bhaa..p cm rilek jak upaa..xkpak hoo mkeup lmk2..

Ahmad Zakwan said...

dot - hahaha. make up laa. mun tdo best gik ho. haha
eyka - rilek laa. special abis. hehe. :)