Saturday, April 17, 2010

I want to post something here, hope someone would read it

Hello. It's been a tough week next week because I will have my first test 2 on Thursday and Calculus quiz on the same day. But I think I will be OK. Insyallah. It's not I am smart enough to answer the question correctly but I think it'll be OK. Huhu.

But, this is not the thing I want to post here. Something about something that bothering my mind everyday, every second.

Am I not a good friend, buddy of yours?
Am I not good enough to be your buddy?
Am I?

If I am a good buddy, a good friend, why anyone not bother to ask me anything what am I doing now? How am I now? Everybody seems to busy nowadays. But they still got time to contact their friends, their old and new friends I think. But me? Why someone not bother to contact me? Am I not using the same number like all of you? Maybe. Maybe it is expensive enough to send me an SMS and ask me anything. If you send me a chain SMS, I know I'll never send you back but what for I send you a SMS of that? You can just send me a short text ask me how's my life here rather than the SMS that you get from others. Hmmm.

Am I not cool enough to be one of you?
Am I not funny to make you laugh every time we talked?
Am I L-A-M-E?

Think about it. Yup. I'll never forget when we're together. Like the world is ours. Haha. I know.
But for me? My world is suck now. We're like not together anymore. Oh. Maybe I am the only one that feel that way. When I try to get to you, it's like huh? Am I talking to someone or something? Like our talk not going to continue any further. I have a lot of things to talk to all of you. I just need a question from and I will talk.

Nothing to say. It always on my mind.
Hoping something to happen next 3 weeks. Better focus on my final.


nasih said...

zakwan datang emo.. haha~ boh manas pok ;p

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahaha. yalaa main pes spnjg malam. haha.

eyka said...

chill r...sedeh li bnyi ya lok...u r a gud fren ohkay!! bz nk~

Ahmad Zakwan said...

ntah laa dear. lalek laa. huhu.

Anonymous said...

ilek botak :D cheer up! gdluck for final! -dot-

Ahmad Zakwan said...

aok dot. thx2. :)