Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sahabat Handai

Hello people! I just finished my class early today because somebody had taken the venue of our Physics class and our Physics class has been replace by tomorrow at 11am - 12 pm. Hehe. Since I have nothing to do beside going with Taman Maju with Afiq after Asar, I want to post 2 pics of my friends here after being edit.

Haziq a.k.a Beng

This is Haziq. He is my neighbour in V1B. His room is just beside my room. Instead of being a good neighbour, he is a photographer too. With his monstrous Sony Alpha A200 with a HVL -F42AM I think and with a battery grip, it's like, wow. Haha.

Enough story about Haziq, this is a friend of mine which I know him at UTP, Adam Muhsein.

Adam Muhsein

Adam is a tall guy which is my friend at UTP, always hang out with the Sarawakians. Haha. His current hobby is playing RC helicopter. Currently waiting for his RC car this Chinese New Year. If you want to buy an RC helicopter or car, just contact him. :)

I still noob in editing pics. Need more practice but I have no time because of busy with some activities in UTP. :(

That's all. Next time I will provide a new pics here. Still searching for a good pics to be post. Tata.

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