Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's been a long time I'm not visiting this blog and post something. This is because I have a lot of assignments and quiz. Today I just finished my Calculus quiz at 9 am and Haziq and I just finished the "fucking headache" Wiley's quiz.

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We started at 9pm and finished at 11pm last night. What a waste of time. I'll rather studying Calculus for 3 hours than doing the online quiz. It's true. What's is the point calculating the correct answer and after we insert the answer in the quiz and the quiz shows that our answer was wrong. I curse you Wiley Plus. I curse you! So, I have no pics to put here today because it's been awhile I'm not holding my baby dragon. Pity him. It's ok. Tomorrow he will back in action. For your information, I'm attending the Media Tour 2010 by MedTech UTP.

taken from Media Tour 2010 UTP website

I don't know when is the date and time but it is on this weekend. Haha. There are few of my friends attending this tour also. They are Afiq, Haziq, Nasuha and Ridhwan. I heard from my friends the Media Tour event was enjoying. we will be visiting a few places. But, for me I'm looking forward to visit the most interesting place, Gempakstarz studio. Yeah! I been reading their comics and magazine almost 7 years and now I will be visiting their office. Haha. I'm now out of idea what to write here. So, see you again. I will be updating this blog again soon.


mr_abs said...

wan, kelak mun kitak orang amik probability n statistics, memang akan temu wiley plus ya lagik. damn aih. serious!

good luck lahhhh prob stats kelak. ya baruk subject paling gai. gai sebab sakit mok paham. ahahahaha

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahaha. menakaaa? mekorg tk jak dh lejuk plh kuiz on9. merusak masa jak. haha. :D