Friday, January 15, 2010

Shooting Stars

Hello! It's been quite a headache answering the final exam papers and I never had a free time to update my blog. Hehe. And since I'm at Kuching with high speed internet connection much more better than UTP wireless connection, so I think I should update my blog. Ok. Current issues to be discussed here. V1-B. Why? I already moved there yesterday. With the help of my roommate, he helped me to transfer my stuffs to the V1-B. Thanks Nasih. Here is some pics of my stuffs. :)

Haha. This is my stuffs. Looking nice. :)

No more table.


This is Nasih's stuffs.

I'll be missing this table. Huhu. :(

That's all folks. Now I'm in Kuching and I have nothing to do today. Let me enjoy my day today and the rest of my day. :)

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Anonymous said...

shioh. bilit ktk duak nasih lok. nang "kemas". hahah -dot-