Sunday, January 31, 2010

AGO complete

How to say this. Our journey has ended today. And my AGO were complete! Yeah. For your information, AGO stands for Aims, Goals and Objectives. For this journey, I have 2 AGO actually. My first AGO is ...

On the first day of our journey, we went to Low Yatt Plaza to buy my first thing which is my first AGO.

Can you guess what I bought?

I cash out RM 2600++ just for my first AGO. Haha. Expensive isn't it? I think you all can guess what I bought. The clue is the pics which is out of focus region. And Haziq is buying his thing too.

At night, we went to Uptown Danau Kota and shopping 4 some stuff. Hehe. Thanks to Adam for taking us to the place. Zahid is buying his Onitsuka Tiger. The colour is same like my Asics but the different is the brand name. That's all. I bought some cute Jibbitz for my crocs and an independent label T-Shirt. Cool. :)

My 2nd AGO is buying a toner for printing. That's all. But the thing strange about the toner is the price. I went to the shop which was the place I bought my printer and the person tell me the price for the toner cost RM 190. It was the best price they said. Damn. Then I went for another shop and the tell me that Samsung's cost price is just RM 180 only and the shop gave me RM 165 after less. That's good.

So, we went at 2.30 pm today by using a bus. Take us for about 2 hours and 30 min. Haha. That's all. It's time for me to study. :)

p/s - This is Haziq with his new stuff. Kacak kamera pok. Dh pro upa. :D

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