Saturday, December 12, 2009

Academic Free Day

Today is Saturday. The weather is sunny. Wahh. I'm so happy with the weather because my clothes gonna dry soon. Oh Yeah! Haha. So, it's been a while I'm not doing the blogging thingy since last week i think. A lot of projects must be finished because we had to send all the work this week. So tired. Hmmm. This morning I got Caklempong class. We got a new song called Never On Sunday. Haha. I don't know English song can be played by Caklempong musical instruments. Haha. Enough of this. Today starting now I want to have my very own "Academic Free Day". I don't want to do anything today related to education. I just want to enjoy surfing the net, watching movies on my laptop, playing Football Manager 2010 and maybe take a nap. Just now I was browsing the Sony website to check on the price of the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. Haha. I think I want to buy one for myself because I think it is kinda cool to have one and it can becomes my new hobby other than sports. So, I looked at the DSLR on Sony website and I found Sony DSLR-A230L.

Looking nice. :)

This DSLR is cheaper than the other model and I guess the price is reasonable. The suggested retail price is RM 1799++. If I gonna buy it I will bargain the price so that I can get it for cheaper price. Haha. I don't really know about the features but later I will browse again for it.
What to do next? On9? Haha. Of course. After this I want to on9 my Facebook just to check any update there. That's all from me. It's time for me to enjoy the day! :)


Mohd Ridhwan bin Abdul Rahim said...

yeahhh, dh mk meli DSLrrrrr dh nya.
sony, "like no other"

Ahmad Zakwan said...

haha. tok plan nmanya. bk bes kit. hehe. :D

eyka said...

brangan ko yaaaaaaaaa!!! presen k me xmok bli..

Ahmad Zakwan said...

hahahaha. tk nma nya cita2 mncapai kejayaan. :D

eyka said...

mok LAPTOP!!